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Gondar in need of help

With the economy in crisis in Gondar, aid groups are moving quickly to bolster food supplies to cover 1,500 Jewish households. (photo from SSEJ) The ethnic violence that engulfed Ethiopia’s Tigray region in recent years is now gaining a foothold in

Israel must stop its racism and save Ethiopian Jews – opinion

To judge a person, one must walk a mile in his shoes – but more importantly, in order to feel affection for him or her, one must feel their distress.  Imagine that you have brothers, sisters, parents, or cousins who

Israel’s forgotten children

Last Wednesday, Immigration and Absorption Minister Ofir Sofer announced that the Israeli government was going to review its policies and restrictions when it comes to the fate of the thousands of Beta Israel descendants in Ethiopia currently in danger, due to civil

Thousands of Ethiopian Jews are threatened by a civil war

Eighty-four years ago, the S.S. St. Louis was turned away from Cuba and sought to dock in Miami, with 900 Jews on board, hoping to escape the Nazi grip on Europe. Many of them ultimately perished in the death camps.

‘Racist’ government not doing enough to rescue brethren, say Ethiopian-Israeli protesters

Hundreds of Ethiopian-Israelis protested Sunday in Jerusalem, alleging racism as the reason for the government’s poor rescue effort of their brethren trapped in the conflict zone of their home country.

Fresh Fighting in Ethiopia Leads Israel to Evacuate More Than 200

Less than a year after the war in the country’s northern Tigray region ended, Ethiopia’s military is battling an ethnic militia in the neighboring Amhara region in a part of Africa already ravaged by conflict.

Ethiopia’s government says it lost control of some areas in the Amhara region to militia fighters

NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) — Ethiopia’s federal government says it lost control of some districts and towns to militia fighters in the country’s Amhara region during the latest conflict emerging in Africa’s second most populous nation. Residents reported heavy gunfire and

Israel closely monitoring Ethiopia’s state of emergency – minister

Israel is closely following the state of emergency in Ethiopia due to the intensifying conflicts in the Amhara region, Aliyah and Integration Minister Ofir Sofer said.