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What You Can Do


   Your efforts can make the difference in the lives of hundreds of people.

Please get involved in the way that most suits you.


  1. Give money directly to the Ethiopian Jews. Any size contribution will help. For $110 you can support a child for a year. For $15,000 you can donate an emergency food shipment. Support the Ethiopian Jewish schools by dedicating a classroom or a building.

    Please send checks payable to SSEJ to:

    459 Columbus Avenue
    Suite 316
    NY, NY 10024


  2. Americans should call your local federation and demand an explanation AND call the national Federation (212) 284-6500. Email them at

  3. Email Jewish leaders and tell them that this is an important issue.

  4. Contact Joint (JDC) board members and inform them of the situation.
    The Joint's number is (212) 687-6200 ask to speak with Steve Schwager, the Vice-president.
    The email address is

  5. Form a local chapter of SSEJ by contacting us at

  6. If you can you should plan to visit the community in Ethiopia (the flight is about $1100 plus or minus $100 from Washington, DC or New York and around $700 non-stop from Israel. Ethiopian Airlines has two flights a week from all three destinations). From Israel the airfare is about NIS 2800 by Ethiopian Airlines, which flies direct twice a week.

  7. North Americans should call the Israeli Embassy (202) 364-5500 and demand an explanation. Use any contacts you have to encourage the government of Israel to rescue this community, and provide aid until the community can be rescued.

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