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It is important that Jewish leaders hear that you are concerned about this issue. We should not let hundreds more people die while the Jewish community fails to act.

Let Jewish leaders know how you feel. Send our note or personalize your own.

Sample Letter:

To the Leaders of the Jewish Community:

I am distressed that almost nothing is being done to help the desperate plight of the 20,000 Beta Israel remaining in Ethiopia. With all major denominations of Judaism having declared them members of the Jewish community and the majority having close relatives in Israel, it is disgraceful that we have allowed them to die by the hundreds. I urge you to begin providing the basic necessities need to survive. Jews cannot stand by as their brethren perish. Additionally, you should inform the Prime Minister of Israel that world Jewry is concerned over Israel's failure to expedite their entry into the Promised Land. They are still waiting by the Red Sea.


Here is a list of places you may wish to direct your mail:



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